Friday, September 10, 2010

Rain on my roof.

and I like it very much. I would like it even better if I didn't have to go out and play 'Dodge the Prado' at 2 o clock, but I guess everything has a downside, no?? Feeling a little better after my second doctors appointment yesterday....she managed to get the rest of the concrete out of my ears, and man does it make a difference!!
I can actually hear said rain on the roof, instead of having to walk outside into a damp surprise 'cos my lobes were down to 20% and fading fast. I had no idea how bad my hearing actually was till I got it back, lol. Heard (with both ears!!) from Luisa this morning, my Pazzles is winging its way North even as I type. Seriously looking forward to playing with my new toy over the holidays!! Those of you who drive down Colwyn Street on a weekday afternoon will no doubt have seen me sporting the latest in Magpie Repellant Clothing, as the little psychos are in full nesting mode and cranky with it. Does a bucket on the head work?? No, it just makes them more determined to give me a DIY lobotomy. Does a bucket on the head entertain the preps and stop them worrying about impending doom swooping from the power lines?? Absolutely. I'm not the most dignified person even on a good day, so the whole bucket on the head deal doesn't really bother I have closet bushranger tendancies, so it's kind of a win-win deal. Just ask the preps.

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