Thursday, September 9, 2010

Counting down

till we leave for Fingal. FF in particular is living minute by minute, 'cos the two weeks in September are his "big" holiday for the year. We took him to BCF on Fathers Day and bought him much expensive foldy-type camping stuff, so he was very happy. I have my doubts that he was thinking about himself when he chose the washing up stand, but at least it goes with the camping clothline I got for the last trip. The boys, of course can't wait, especially since Melissa and Glen and the kids are coming with us, which makes for twice as many adults to cajole into pre 5am surfing and post 7pm fishing. Yeah. Good luck with that. On a completely different note, I am pleased (and slightly stunned) to report that Firstborn came home with a B on his maths exam. Which means that he gets to stay in his chosen strand for Senior and I don't have to try and pretend that I understand what it's all about. I'm currently on reasonable terms with the Husqvarna, which is just as well as Kit's quilt needs some major surgery before camping. I don't know what he does with it, (nor do I want to) but every third seam is in need of repair. Destined for a good life, not a long one, lol. FF managed to find a totally brilliant copy of a very recent movie online, so I'm off to make the most of my alone time before the boys come back from kicking and screaming @ Tae Kwon Do.

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