Thursday, September 2, 2010


Spent the morning communing with the Gods of TAFE and have managed to get firstborn on the list for the Companion Animal Certificate starting next year. Now I just have to rob a bank to pay for it.
Managed to get the red marks out of Firstborn's fave tshirt, although it's now cream instead of grey. If I was trying to turn it cream on purpose it wouldn't have worked half as well. I'm awarding myself bonus points for simultaneously bleaching the inside of the washing machine to a shade of white guarantted to detach your retinas at fifty paces.
Entered a photo competition with this shot of Second Son.

They're looking for heartwarming shots that make you smile. Hmmmm. Although second son can be moderately heartwarming when he puts his mind to it, this is pretty much the standard look for himself at the moment. The prize is an education fund which I'm sure will come in handy when he takes Advanced Lock Picking at whichever government secured institution he ends up doing 1-5 years at. I jest, people. Seriously. He hasn't got nearly enough hand eye co-ordination to pick locks. Wholescale demolition is much more in his line of expertise. So, we wait and see. Unfortunately it's not a "vote for me" situation, or I would be shamelessly grovelling even as I type.
Soccer season has finished, which means I get my sidekick back on Thursday nights. Parenting is all very well but it can seriously cramp your social life at times. Between band practice, tae kwon do, soccer, drum lessons, two husbands and 5 kids, Melissa and I haven't had a night out in about three months. So tonight we start making up for lost time.
I have now been befriended by more highschoolers on Facebook than any other parent in the universe. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.
The mother of all mothers has a fortnight to go before she is officially deplastered and allowed to walk. She's cooking up a wicked case of cabin fever, and it's getting very hard to stop her from trying to vaccuum/cook/wash/herd cats from her wheelchair. I have warned her that if she breaks a hip falling out of the damn thing while trying to paint the ceiling, I'm driving her to the nearest nursing home and leaving her there. One broken bone per year is my limit.
Anyone who knows how to get red hair dye out of a light brown towel can leave me a message here. That is all.

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