Thursday, September 30, 2010

KjirstenDS/ Goodies

Yes indeed, microchip peeps....I'm officially crashing and burning what's left of my hard drive on two screens simultaneously!!! FF finally made good on his promise two install my long awaited second monitor, and this is the result....

Impressive, no?? Shades of NASA live from downtown southside Briz. It's actually brilliant for editing, 'cos I edit like I open from one end of the screen to the other, fifty different layers going at any given time, and I can never find what the damn picture originally looked like at the crucial moment. Now I can lock the original on the second screen and attack any subsequent copies with a virtual it!! I'm a lot into virtual latest stocking filler is slightly less than really here, but I love him all the same...

Henry Mallett is definately someone who would have graced my teenage walls, along with Adam Ant and U2. MMMMmmm, feel that bad-boy eighties vibe. He's so fine!!
Love me a dead rock idol.

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