Sunday, March 21, 2010

Short and Sweet/ Goin' Green/Big Bang

Sunday 21st March 2010.
I know I know, it's been a while....things kinda got on top of me for a few days, but I'm back now, almost sane and more or less in one piece. So....updates.
Work is work....don't know what else to tell you apart from the fact that I'm still there, still getting paid and still looking like a walking corpse by Thursday. Yowza. Early in the week I had a medium to large sleep deprivation induced dummy spit and was seriously thinking about kicking both jobs and taking early unemployment, when I recieved this.....

which contained this...... mail!! From one of my little preppies, bless him. How cute is that?? Especially the bit where my legs look like the golden arches, lol. And he's added a set of traffic lights, obviously realising that the cars don't always stop for the day-glow figure holding the big orange STOP sign. Cute AND smart....can't beat it!!

Wednesday I dressed up as a leprechaun on the crossing to entertain the kids and piss off the parents. Heehee....they hate me telling them where to park when I'm wearing the official gear, and they hate it even more when you wear this....

and these....

So, all in all not a bad day. Melissa and I ended up leaving the men in charge of the kids and headed up to Dicey Reilly's for a late night pint with all the trihard Paddy's, which resulted in very wonky stripes on the donuts on Thursday morning, followed by breakfast Mc Grease from Golden Arches. MMMmmmm.

Firstborn had a birthday bash to attend on Saturday which left me, FF and the mother of all mothers to attend second son's drum performance at the end-of-term concert.

What can I say....apart from FABULOUS. And loud. Some things don't require an explanation.

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