Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Second son starting to sleep through again.
Firstborn maintaining his maths grade.
Bushwalking on the weekend.
Cooler mornings.
Good books.

Things are starting to ease a bit, not before time (!!) Second son is starting to improve, slowly. I'm letting him work things out in his own time....he's still way possessive of me and my time, but he's getting used to me being around more, so things will relax as time progresses, I have no doubt. He's still starting the night with me, although he did move to his own bed of his own accord last night without too much hassle. I can't really see any other way of dealing with his anxieties, so patience is the order of the day. I'm definately feeling the effects of more sleep and less stress....I've gotten totally on top of all things domestic, and have had enough time left over for some baking, so I treated myself to a gorgeous book on cupcakes, which I intend to work my way through, cover to cover. In particular, the lemon cheesecake cupcakes make me go all Homer Simpson, drool!!!
I've made a significant dent in my editing, and my last commissioned album is in it's final stages, hopefully to be delivered by the end of April. Then I'm gonna have a month off so me and my camera can go out and play without having anyone else's agenda to deal with. It's just a month till May, which is Mothers Month....I have a list of goodies on the fridge, ranging from entirely doable to "needs a lottery win", so I'm hoping for a reasonable selection over the course of the month. Heehee, high maintenence, much??? Never mind, we all know I so deserve it!!

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