Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recaff / Weekender

march 4 2010
I am at the end of another 5 shift special plus some and I have fully recaffed my system thanks to a four pack of Red Bulls and two strong short blacks during the day shift. Normally I'd be on my knees by now, but I'm feeling surprisingly alive and both eyes are focusing simultaneously (for once!!) so I'm thinking I might dice with death and cut some more squares for my "Salute to Bogan" quilt which is currently in about 150 pieces all over my sewing table. School wise things seem to be fairly smooth on both fronts, although I did manage to give second son premature heart failure when I showed up for crossing duty early and found him doing detention in the principals office. Busted Custard!! Heehee, it was only for running in the lunch shed, but the look on his face when he saw me come in was worthy of mass murder at the very least. Which kinda makes me think that he's up to his neck in something antisocial but just hasn't been caught. Yet. I can wait....the big advantage to working at the school is that you hear everything that goes on, so he can't hide from me forever. Number one son is deep in assignment mode, but coping surprisingly well....two assessments were completed and graded without me even knowing about them. Not sure if that's a good thing, although he passed them both, so I'm kinda going with good thing for the moment. Time will tell if I need to ramp up my parental supervision. FF is officially much older than he was this time last year, so we are celebrating his encroaching senility with much alcohol, silly hats and a ten pin bowling night tomorrow. We are both in desperate need of a good night out sans kids, in order to blow off a little steam and be adult grade silly. Love me a good night out!!

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