Friday, October 30, 2009

The Week That Was

So, another week closer to the end of school (not that I'm counting...) and another week closer to finally finishing my studio space which is languishing unloved and unpainted till the glass door man comes and does his stuff. I hate waiting.
I managed to roll my ankle on the crossing yesterday, which at the time was a 15 out of 10 on the pain factor, but has now evened out at a 6 1/2, complemented by a massive blue bruise and a lump the size of a lemon. It's times like this that you realise what a pain in the ass it is to drive a Tarago, 'cos the handbrake isn't a's a footbrake, which makes for serious driving issues even in an automatic. I got home OK yesterday, after Sebi crawled between my feet and released the (foot) hand brake, and I haven't had to drive anywhere today, so I'm hoping that another 24 hours will put me fully back on my feet, in time to work on Sunday. Sebi had his school camp yesterday, I was half excpecting a pick-me-up phone call (as in come and pick me up I wanna come home) but it never eventuated, so there's another 'first' we can tick off. Kit has his Halloween party tonight at his mate Gabbie's house, he's going as Death, complete with robe, mask and scythe. Delightful. Oh, and just as an added treat, the ginger cat presented me with half a lizard just after lunch. Now all I gotta do is find the other half. Yowza.

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