Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cosmic Karma / Hail to the Queen....

I must have been spreading my fair share of sunshine recently because today Cosmic Karma came and laid a present in my lap. I went out to get the basics for the boys lunches this morning and came home with a job offer!! And it seriously couldn't have come at a better time....I've been working to get my photography off the ground, but at the same time trying to contribute a bit extra to the house. It was my choice to be a SAHM and it's paid off big time with the boys, but they are at the age now where I'm able to look for a few hours work to help out at home and today the perfect job jumped out and kissed me. I was buying a six pack for the boys (donuts, not booze) and the owner of the Donut King told me she'd been waiting for me show up because I was the person she had in mind to work some morning shifts if I was interested. (!!!!) Scream YEAH!! So I go in tomorrow to look around and see where everything is, and then I start working three shifts a week. It's a 5am start (!!) but that doesn't really worry me (she says :P) and I'll be home in time to get Seb off to school. So all I have to do now is practice my royal wave and wait for my crown to arrive. All hail Donut Queen!! and curtsey while you do...it saves time.

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