Sunday, October 18, 2009

PInk Dinosaurs and other things

Well, I've lived through two shifts and I can honestly say that I come out each time knowing twice as much as I did when I went in, so considering how much I didn't know when I started, we can all be thankful it's donuts and not brain surgery!! I am starting to get the routine down, although I'm a ways away from shooting through it in two hours like Belinda, but maybe down the track a few weeks. On the upside, my kids think I smell terrific, as does FF....who needs Chanel....a little pink fondant behind the ears and I'm ready to rock, lol. I'm working starts for the next two days so I've devoted today to getting the order down on paper so I don't end up spinning in circles and curdling the cream. The weirdest deal is how it's gotten into my dreams....I'm dreaming about normal house stuff and then suddenly I notice there's a tray of pink dinosaurs on the table. I dreamt we were camping and I had to paddle a kayak to Cook Island to turn the lights on and set up the coffee machine.
Interesting if not exactly restful. Yawn.

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