Sunday, December 28, 2008

With friends like that.....

I don't really consider myself a Christmas person....the noise, the lights, it's all a bit too much for me. But there is an upside. The best part of Christmas is the chance to get together with my fave person on the planet. Mick and I have been mates for over 20 years....since we were teenagers in the same music program. We did all the stupid teenage stuff together, we managed a long distance friendship for three years while I lived in the U.K. - I still have the 27 page letter he wrote me describing an Orchestra tour to Sydney, so that I wouldn't feel like I missed out. He and I have one of those rare relationships that expands to include all the best things in each others lives....our partners and our children. We've danced at each others weddings and welcomed each others children into the world. Bruce and Jules have only made our friendship better, as have our kids....Kit and Matt are self proclaimed "besties" who have learnt that just because you don't see each other every day doesn't mean you can't have a real friendship. My friendship with Mick is something that can't be measured, only treasured. Love you bud. xox

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