Friday, December 5, 2008

Ballet, birthdays and breakfast...

This weekend is a busy one....tonight I'm going to watch Katie shake a tailfeather at her ballet recital, tomorrow I have Sebi's Laserforce party, complete with hordes of loud eight year old boys and lashings of destruction (oh yeah, really hanging out for that one) then Sunday morning is our December breakfast. (much more my scene).
Since we're all on a health kick, a cooked breakfast is a bit of an indulgence, so on the first Sunday of the month we go to Sizzlers and break the rules. Makes up for all the museli and wholewheat toast we eat every other day, lol. Plus I get to sit and read the papers and drink coffee while the boys see how many pancakes they can inhale before they explode. MMMMmmmmm, coffee.....

1 comment:

Mad Scrapper said...

LOL we'll see you there. We are taking the boys before we take them to buy their Christmas presents for other members of the family.


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