Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have a serious problem. Last friday, after two days of a lousy viral thing, I decided to drop some books off at the library, unaware that I was about to catch a much more potent disease....On the recently returned pile was a copy of Twilight. Catching my drift yet?? I hadn't read any reviews, but I had seen the movie trailer, and I figured that maybe reading the book before seeing the movie would give me time to get rid of my chest infection before I hit the cinemas. Yeah.
I started reading on Friday afternoon....by 10 pm Friday evening I was re-reading and cursing the fact that I didn't have the rest of the series. By 8am Saturday, I was hacking a lung out waiting for QBD to open so that I could buy the rest of the books. My entire weekend disappeared as I completely lost myself in the series. By Sunday afternoon I was finished. My first act upon finishing??? To pick up Twilight and start again. I think I need help....
On Monday, I saw the movie. It was OK. But nothing like the Bella and Edward I had in my head....I was worried in case the movie would change how I thought about them, but thankfully it didn't. DH is getting used to me grunting at him over the pages....my kids are unaware that their mother has a chronic bibliophilic addiction....maybe I need an intervention. All I know is that the Twilight series has ruined the possibility of me reading anything else in the forseeable future....does anyone have Stephenie Meyers number???

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Mad Scrapper said...

LOL we are all stuck in the 'Twilight Zone' over here as well. Kylie and I are both reading the books, Kristianne has already read them, we have seen the movie three times each including Rory (who loves it) and we listen to the CD about 20 times a day. If you figure out how to escape, come over here and rescue us. I completely understand why you just keep reading them over and over. So addictive!!!!


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