Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One of THOSE days....

where you know you just shouldn't have opened the curtains this morning. Where to start?? Seb was complaining of earache, but didn't seem to be too I sent him to school. BOINK!! first mistake. I dropped him off at 8.15, by 9.00 I was picking him up again. We had a trip to the doctor at 10.00, by which time he was writhing in pain and crying. End result. Middle ear infection in both ears, two days off school plus meds. Brought him home, dosed him with meds and painkillers, he went to sleep on the couch. BOINK!! second mistake. I turned my back on him for 30 seconds to answer the phone. I turn around and he's jerking up and down and sweating. Dropped the phone, got him into the bathroom, ran the shower on him to cool him down. Can't take him to the doctor because I don't have the car. Ring mum to ask her to come home (with the car), while I'm hosing Sebi down and talking to mum, my mobile rings. I answer it. BOINK!! third mistake. It's the high school. Kit's been bitten by something, has an allergic reaction, has come out in hives on his neck and chest. Can I pick him up?? Meanwhile Renee (who I was talking to on the phone when Sebi heated up) arrives in my driveway to help me run round in circles and pull my hair out. Fortunately by this stage, Sebi is practically back to normal, wide awake, asking for an iceblock. Give Sebi and Elly an iceblock, give Sebi panadol, ring high school, tell them i'll be there when my car arrives. Sit on the deck with Renee, talk scrapbooking, drink lemonade, wait for hands to stop shaking. Mother arrives, (with car) Renee and Elly go home, Mum takes Sebi, I go to the high school to pick up itching child. Get home,shower itching child, mop bathroom which is two inches deep in water from my attempts to shower Sebi and talk on two phones at the same time. I think I'll have a do-over.


Plant Freak said...

plantfreak@hotmail.comDang woman! That's a heart attack day if I ever saw one! Glad the kids are okay.

Plant Freak said...

oops, I'm not awake yet and the fingers won't do what I tell them.

Mad Scrapper said...

Oh you poor thing. I think things like that are way worse on the parents than the kids. Give yourself a treat, you deserve it!


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