Thursday, June 26, 2008

The White stuff....

Those of you who have entered the sacred portals of Casa Hartwell are well aware of my current standing in the "Domestic Goddess" stakes. Those of you who have yet to venture into the bear pit, be advised to enter at your own risk. The reason I'm hanging out my dirty laundry (pun fully intended) is 'cos this sweet little Russian lady shanghaied me while I was grocery shopping (add laugh track now) and wanted to know what was the best thing to use to keep cotton things white. I think she must have had a visual impairment as well as the language barrier, 'cos she totally missed the fact that I was wearing DS#1's manky navy tracky daks and a shirt that I think was donated by a mate who thought I could use it to wash the car. Not really the person to entrust with your white cotton. But she was eyeing off something in a spray bottle that I'm pretty sure is supposed to remove soap scum from your shower, so I figured I could at least improve on that. So after much waving of hands and imitating spin cycles (much enjoyed by the half wit shelf stocker who didn't even ASK what we were looking for) she bought some stuff in a pink container that comes with a really smart lady who does your kids homework...and people think television has no value.

1 comment:

Sarah Schwerin said...

ROTFLMAO!! That's hilarious! Thanks for the best laugh I had all day!
PS: Love your tunes!


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