Sunday, June 29, 2008

What U Need...

Sarah at Savvy put me onto google your name plus the word "needs" then list the top ten responses.... I had to cheat a bit, 'cos I'm the only Kjirsten I know, so I dropped the "J"....apologies to respected viking ancestors....

Kirsten needs an adoptive home (with my very own room and cable internet please)

Kirsten needs your votes (how else will I achieve world domination)

Kirsten needs to become a philosopher (confucious says....)

Kirsten needs to learn to speak (comes in handy when ordering pizza)

Kirsten needs to shut up (make your mind up)

Kirsten needs a wave runner (ummm??)

Kirsten needs a new man (with all the optional extras)

Kirsten needs more cowbell (I don't wanna KNOW what that means)

Kirsten needs 26 minutes (really...I thought it took longer)

Kirsten needs to get back on the sauce (finally....some good advice)

1 comment:

Plant Freak said...

That is hilarious and I plan to copy you! BTW, If I scan those vintage looking paper dolls and email them to you...can you use those?...because I do have vintage valentines from when my grandmother was a little girl.


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