Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's the buzz

about Sebi's hair cut??? In desperation I have given him the latest in recruitment poster hair styles in the hope that it will discourage any further visits from the lice fairy. I know that in these days of "personal space" and "invasion of privacy" it's not the done thing to look through a kids head for galloping antelopes, but I gotta say, if I was in charge I'd be sheep dipping the entire school. I'm seriously considering sending my water bill to the P&C after yet ANOTHER episode of sheet and towel washing.
Fact...lice and nits ARE a fact of life.
Fallacy...saying "my kid doesn't get them" is not an effective treatment.
Fortunately, Sebi's cool with the buzz cut, and I just hope it works, 'cos my next option is a flea collar. Here, boy !!!

1 comment:

Plant Freak said...

My Christmas pictures of the boys when they were 3 and 4 look just like Seb. So much fun, so much panic. BTW Mommy caught them too that year.


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