Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chillin' Out

For once my house is empty of starving teenage boys so I've actually got some time to myself while Bruce entertains DS#2 with a selection of suitably violent video games. Kit has gone to spend the night with Jacob, leaving me to restock the fridge and repair my house after he and Jacob stayed up most of the night last night and ransacked the kitchen. (Note to self - remember to pick up some heavy duty chain and a lock for the fridge.) Not that I mind....apart from there being NO MILK FOR MY COFFEE this morning !!!! Still, it could have been worse...they could have eaten the coffee, too. I'm making the most of my down time by getting stuck into my scrapping....this is Seb at the Scouts Ice Skating night a couple of weeks back.
If the boys sleep in at Jake's tomorrow, I might even get another one finished....

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