Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life Love and Laundry

Another school week and another load of laundry....my kids change outfits more than Paris Hilton. Had a lovely day at O'Reilly's yesterday, bushwalking and feeding the worlds fattest parrots. Bruce is convinced they are the secret ingredient in Gran O' Reilly's meat pies....so we had chips for lunch. The boys had a great time on the treetop walk; Kit, Jacob and Bailey all scaled the ladders to the top lookout. I went up too, to keep an eye on them....Bruce and Sebi very sensibly decided to stay on terra firma. The school year is getting busy...Kit has a truckload of assignments, and even Sebi's homework is starting to pile up. I have bowed to the worst kind of bad parenting and have bribed my children to up their grades with the promise of a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. Their grades aren't that bad....I'd just like improvements for effort. DS#1 manages B's for classwork, but gets C's for effort....makes me wonder what he'd achieve if he actually worked once in a while!!!!
On the home front things are pretty good, no one's been sick for a whole week (a new record) and the boys are close to completing their next scout badges. I'm hoping to get into the city sometime whis week to make a pilgrimage to the new Krispy Kreme shop in Albert Street. This is my own personal obsession....no one else seems to appreciate them like I do. Oh well....more for me!!!

1 comment:

Scrapsister said...

Oh I appreciate the Krispy Kremes alright, it's my hips that don't. Original Glazed *insert Homer Simpson drooling smiley here*....zap them in the microwave for 7 seconds...Oh my :)


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