Sunday, May 11, 2008

I got the Motherlode!!!

Well, I got well and truly spoilt today....Firstly I got woken with tea and kisses....always a good start!! Then I got Krispy Kreme Donuts to go with the tea and kisses....even better!!

Then Kit came and helped me run the mothers day flower stall at church. One guy was so impressed with him that he bought three bunches AND gave Kit $10 for himself!! And bless his heart, Kit put it straight into the donations box for the Nepalese Refugees that we're trying to help. Just when you think you couldn't love them any more than you already do!! Then I got this gorgeous piece of bling from Sebi....handmade at school in all my best fave colours....

and to top it off, a big stack of scrapping goodies!!!

We had a lovely day, started with church, visited both grandmas, then had a quiet afternoon at home with my three fave boys. Hoping that everyone had the mother of all mothers days with the ones you love xoxox

1 comment:

Jolene said...

Sounds like the perfect day! Happy Mother's Day!


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