Sunday, December 11, 2011

Return of Catwoman....

and no, I don't have a whip. I'm terrifying enough as it is. Especially since I crossed the line into Total Pet Insanity with my latest purchase.....


We bought a second hand twin pram on Ebay, because the Toxic Waster was getting a little squeezy for two extremely quick growing gonna-be-huge boy ragdolls. Then my way-clever best half "converted it into the CATMOBILE by enclosing it with catmesh. It's riveted at the bottom, and attaches to the top and sides with pop studs. The boys LOVE it. My mother does not. She was barely tolerating the toxic waster, and the arrival of the Catmobile has pushed her ever so slightly over-the-edge. To the point where she's back to walking the dogs 100 yards in front of me and pretending we're not related. She's just jealous.
Cos her dogs are covered in boring old fur and walk on a leash.

Hektor (age 7 months)
Achilles (age 7 months)

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