Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Title Under Construction or this it all I've got, peeps.

Ok, so this week I found out that my eldest child is on a slant, which I kinda realised a while ago but sort of put to the back of the front of my mind because I had way a lot of other things to be dealing with.  But now I am dealing with it because my youngest child decided to announce "hey, Kit's nipples are on a slant" which they are, because his shoulders are on a slant, as well as his spine not exactly being straight, so it's an interconnected kinda thing, iykwim.  And after having it pointed out to him, Firstborn decided he didn't like being on a slant and if I was any sort of parent AT ALL,  I would take him to the doctor and get him straightened out.  If only it were that easy. Sigh.  So we had x rays taken, and now we have to go and see the orthopedic guy at the hospital.  I'm seriously hoping that whatever it is can be fixed with screws from Bunnings, since my emergency medical fund is residing in Second Son's mouth for the forseeable future.  I hate being financially challenged. 
I also went to the movies by myself, sing halleluiah, and saw Breaking Dawn.  And proved to myself that I'm so post teenage it's not funny.  Seriously, I never felt older than I did after trying to lip read Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for two hours, because they MUMBLE.  ALL.  THE.  TIME.  And they don't move their lips when they mumble, which is a double whammy in the dialogue stakes.  It's like those mobile phone ring tones that only teenagers can hear.  Speak up or add subtitles.  And learn to act.  That is all.

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