Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brace Yourselves......

Yes, the moment has finally arrived.  After trying not to think about it for 18 months, Second Son has finally reached the point of no return.....dentally speaking, that is.  His last visit to the dentist on Tuesday saw us leave with a referal for the orthodontist.  A visit to them on Wednesday saw me leaving with plans for robbing a major financial institution in order to pay for the braces that himself is having fitted next week. 
On the upside, Seb's teeth are perfect cavities....he just has too many for his face.  He has quite a long thin face and a small jaw, and since losing the last of his baby teeth, and having his 12 year molars come through,  there is definately a shortage of space.  So, he has to have top and bottom braces to straighten and align his teeth, a titanium retainer behind his top and bottom front teeth to keep everything in line, and at some stage he'll need bands added to the left side to correct his bite.   All of which comes at a price that doesn't bear thinking about right now.  Suffice it to say that Seb is now the most expensive thing we own. But it's not all bad.....we 're able to pay them off monthly, and he gets a choice of colours, lol.  Right now he's torn between maroon and yellow (broncos) and orange and blue (roar).   I'll post a picture next week to show the final decision...... 

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