Thursday, February 24, 2011

Live from the Tipi.....

We had a major shift around at Planet Hartwell over the weekend....Second Son decided that he was in serious need of preteen privacy,  so FF and I swapped rooms with him, giving him a room with a view (and a door), and leaving us living in the Tipi.  It's not really a Tipi, but it has no door, no windows and the only daylight filters through a skylight in the roof, so the name kinda fits.  It's also the main inland route between Planet Hartwell and Nannaland, where the mother of all mothers resides in solitary splendour, so there's fairly constant traffic flowing in both directions.  And I love it.  I wish we'd swapped years ago.  The boys make frequent pit stops,  while on their way to nanna's to feed the cat/walk the dog/take the rubbish out.  The cat spends mornings with me, the dog does the afternoon shift.   In the evenings, I can guarantee at least one child and two animals will be perched on the end of my bed, learning their times tables and grooming their ears, while I fold the laundry and watch Bridezillas.  Space is in short supply....the mother of all mothers says it looks like a cross between a Lifeline Shop and a Moroccan brothel ( and she would know how???)  but she's just jealous, 'cos her room has four straight  walls and a door. 

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