Friday, August 6, 2010


Have a few things on the go a commission for an off the page piece for SC Top 10 issue, which was a nice surprise. My piece is nearing completion, although every time I think about posting it I get heart palpitations. I have visions of it arriving in Sydney in 2000 pieces, yoikes. Second son had his clinic appointment this morning, he's fine with his meds, but has been diagnosed with something called "intestinal migraine". Which involves pain and nurofen in that order. It's often brought on by stress, and since both my cherubs reside in Crisis County, State of Disaster, that kinda makes sense. Fortunately it's neither life threatening nor furniture destroying-a-la-excorcist, so we continue with massage, yoga, meditation and his aromatherapy blends to try and keep his thermostat from corking off. To finish, a photo from Newtown where Melissa and I spent much money and bought many things. Unfortunately this wasn't one of them, as it was attached to a wall supporting a house. But I was seriously tempted.

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