Thursday, August 27, 2009

You don't have to be mad.....

but it helps you blend in....this is #1 son at Cav Road's MAD (music art drama) night on Tuesday. They were told to dress crazy, so himself decided that "vintage hippie" was the look for him. I think the scariest thing about the whole deal is that everything he wore is still a workable part of either his fathers or my wardrobe....except for the headband. And I seriously don't know how he could see what he was doing....the whole performance was done with the lights out and minimal stage lighting, so add sunglasses to that and you're seriously flying blind. The education department has no respect for those of us with chronic camera mania....I'm still amazed I got any workable shots, as my whole approach was limited to "point camera towards noise and cross fingers". Not the most technical of methods, but effective, as far as it goes. I figured I was pointing in the right general direction when I heard Kit stop playing long enough to hiss "MUM!! enough with the camera already !!" He'll thank me when he's older.

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