Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catching Up

Did you miss me?? It's been a while since I went a week without posting, but it was either stop to breathe or stop to post, so I went with breathing...sorry bout that. Sebi is almost halfway through his therapy course at the Mater, and it's really paying off....he's coming along in leaps and bounds independance wise, plus his frustration level is at an all time low....brilliant!!! Kit is knee deep in assignments again, as well as up to his ears in decibels thanks to the ipod station nana presented him with last week. The volume seems to go up in relation to the amount of homework being completed, so at this rate he'll be getting straight A's and a bionic ear by the end of the semester. My photography site is going great guns ATM, better than I could have hoped for when I took the plunge. I've had a steady stream of enquiries plus some great feedback from the shoots I've completed, so hopefully my new wide angle lens isn't too far away, fingers crossed. Of course, my dream machine continues to sit under glass at Harvey Norman, but hey, I'll settle for what I can pay for, at least for the moment. Although Santa, if you're listening, mama would like the Canon 5D and the lens pack in her stocking. pretty pretty please I know my chances are beyond slim (think "realms of fantasy" and you're pretty close to the mark) but a girl can dream, no??
I'll leave you with a shot of last weeks photoshoot....can you say "camera shy"??

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di basnett said...

Hey Kjirsten, Congrats on the photography business. Your pics always have such an interesting perspective. Hope you're doing OK. Cheers, Di x


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