Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bracelets/ Birthdays/Broncos BBQ

The weekend has been pretty flat out, with both Kit and yours truly doing the birthday thang.....himself got an Ipod touch from FF and myself, plus a docking station from his nana, and a leather ipod case from Seb. Saturday evening FF and I went to the pub for a few drinkies and then a few more with Rach, and I got another charm for my bracelet, making a total of seven....not too shabby :)
We took Kit and his best mate Jake out for lunch on Sunday, and then Kit was chosen to attend a Broncos training session and BBQ at Red Hill, and was kind enough to take his father and brother with him, leaving me a man free afternoon to recover from the night before.
Here they are, meeting Sebi's hero Darren Lockyer, plus Alfie Langer,(more my generation than theirs, lol.) but they had a good time and Sebi got his jersey and his flag signed.

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