Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pitching a tent

at the Mater seems to be on the cards for us this week...Sebi has appointments/clinics on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, plus a referral appointment Wednesday evening. Kit had subject selection night at school last night, to look at his year 10 choices. He'll still be accessing the unit so is allowed to drop one elective subject, which leaves him with Maths and English as his Core essentials, and three elective choices...at this stage we're looking at Music (no brainer, really), Multi Media Studies and Historical Studies. These will actually stand him in good stead if he wants to be an archaeologist or a librarian (!!!) This from the kid who only reads pokemon guides, lol. He was interested in looking at Bio science, but he's just not up to handling it at this stage. If he decides that he really wants to split atoms with a chisel, then he can do adult entry uni courses after year 12 and decide then. We have till 7am Friday to get his preferences in order and then to post them online to the school. After which it's first in best dressed and we cross our fingers and hope for the best.

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