Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mornings with Gryff

I've been a bit solitary choice really, with everything that's been going on I'm not good company, so I've been spending my mornings in my domain, getting a little work done and being alone. Almost. Apart from Gryff. Gryffindor is DS#1's cat, and he is also the solitary type....not into affectionate displays or random purring. He was in the pet shop for almost 4 months in a cage by himself before he came to live at Planet Hartwell, and it left a definate kink in his psyche. He does, however, have a "thing" for my scraproom, and tends to push open the connecting window from the granny flat and parade around on my desk, typing strange messages on my laptop and eating my ribbons. In the hopes of curbing his disrespect of my space, I sacrificed valuable real estate and installed a cat bed on my desk, beside the window, expecting it to be sniffed and ignored, in typical Gryffindor fashion. Much to my surprise, he has made it his own, and we spend our mornings together being mutually exclusive, doing our own things. He's great company. He's quiet, inoffensive and doesn't complain about my choice of music. Everyone in life should be so easy to get along with....

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