Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Number 1

Yes, it's finally here....DS#1 is officially teenaged !! We started the day with a lesiurely stroll to the top of the STORY BRIDGE, courtesy of Mary, Rachel Stephanie and Jeff (thanks guys)....I was a little nervous about the whole thing (read as "packing death") but Kit loved it...and we picked the perfect day, 'cos the view was INCREDIBLE... we could see as far as Mt Warning in NSW.
The nicest part was that we reached the summit at 9.20 am, which is the time Kit was born, exactly 13 years earlier. It's a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend it, but not for those of you with a fear of heights. Regardless of how much harness they attach, it's mighty high up there!! Then we came home and I had a bit of a "kiss the tarmac" moment in the driveway, and Kit got his other prezzies.
He is now the proud owner of a tv/dvd which had to be mounted on the wall at ceiling height because Kit has one of those high altitude loft beds that give you nosebleeds while you sleep. I hate it, cos it's SO close to the ceiling I feel claustrophobic, but he seems to thrive on it. Go figure. He also got the latest pokemon guide from Sebi and he's going bowling with the rest of the poke-posse tonite. Tomorrow is a bit of a family gathering and then we all get to relax until Sebi's birthday.
He wants a bazooka.

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