Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am SO in demand this far I've won over 34 million units of various currencies from various people I've never met in various countries I'd have a job finding in an atlas. Or anywhere else. What is it about these people?? Are they SO short of entertainment/money/braincells that they suddenly decide that sending poorly spelled invitations asking strangers to collect truckloads of money will somehow enhance their lives?? I think NOT, so in the spirit of international co operation I have just sent the minister of finance for the Republic of Botulism a few suggestions on what to do with his unwanted millions.

1. Buy a dictionary, IDIOT!! No one wants money from an illiterate.

2. If you want to be taken seriously, don't post your return address as
"tempted to hack" . People may think you are up to no good.

3. Think up some better reasons for using the money....helping the aged and
saving the whales are SO 2004. Try these instead....

a) The reunite the BAY CITY ROLLERS foundation
b) The Arnold Swarzenegger English pronunciation fund
c) The Kevin Rudd Ugly Specs Glasses Exchange

I'm sure any one of these worthy causes would be delighted to recieve truckloads of dodgy cash from a non existant really STUPID wannabe cyber god.

No, don't thank me....I'm here to help.

1 comment:

di basnett said...

too too funny!
Yes...I'm reading every post.


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