Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Missing in Action....

I'm missing. My son, that is, not me personally. The teen terror departed for camp on Monday morning, complete with his wetsuit and totally unrealistic expectations about getting some time at the beach. Good luck, number one...you're the only polar bear on the camp, as far as I know. It's kinda surprised me that he's left such a big hole here, as he has an overdeveloped hibernation gene which requires expremely late starts and large quantities of food left outside his door at regular intervals.
Not particularly social, but apparantly entertaining enough for sprocket the 8 year old demolition expert, who has had no one to torment for 2 days apart from yours truly. In desperation I offered to play Digimon on the playstation this afternoon which resulted in a headache you could crack a brick on plus nausea and dizzy spells. Kinda like morning sickness on high speed. Fabulous. Tomorrow I get my revenge. We're going grocery shopping. Come home soon Kit, we miss you. xox

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