Monday, April 30, 2012

You had to be there.....

but it was wicked ass funny when we thought about it later.  The mother of all mothers, firstborn and myself went to the Cav Rd 60th anniversary open day, as himself had two music performances.  It was really kinda cool...lots of  "old boys" (and girls), previous principals,  music performances and a decent coffe vendor.  Interesting to look back at how much things have changed.  UNTIL some well meaning person suggested  singing  "The School Song".   You kinda knew it wasn't going to be pretty when the first two lines went "This is our song, it's our school song".  And it pretty much fell into a mineshaft from there.  Although the line "We're brainy brawny brave and bright" managed to bring a tear to a few eyes, I have to admit, mine were watering for a whole nother reason.   I think I cracked a rib from swallowing giggles.   There were a few other bits that defied description because nobody remembered the words but the bit about "we'll do our very very very (etc etc) best" was a real show stopper, mainly because nobody seemed to know how many "very's" were stipulated in the lyrics.   Seriously, you can't script this stuff.  Best. Day. Ever.

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