Friday, March 23, 2012

Random Weird.

Got an email  from Vera, who is the breeder we bought the boys from.  We keep in contact, I let her know how they're doing, send her pix and stuff.  I sent her some shots of the boys in their crossing guard uniforms a few weeks back, and yesterday, she sends me an email saying that her hubby was flying back to Sydney from Qld and ended up sitting next to Grant Denyer from Sunrise and was telling him how we bought the boys as therapy animals, and how they go on the crossing with me  and apparantly Grant asked for my contact details and wants to pass them on to his producer.  (because they have an insanity quotient to fill??  who knows).  Personally, I am prepared to eat my whistle if anything comes of it, because the idea of Grant Denyer (or anyone for that matter) talking to their boss about my furboys standing guard with me at the crossing is as likely as me becoming an Immigration Lawyer.....and we all know how that turned out.

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