Friday, March 9, 2012


OK, the truth.  I was sick for about ten days, which put me woefully behind in my Project 365 challenge, BUT......I refuse to lay down and die.....even though I serously considered it last week.  Tonight, I'm gonna upload all the pix I have (there may be one or two missing from my three day doonathon when the pain meds knocked me out) and get my shit together.
On the upside of the downside, FF has once again decided that Planet Hartwell should relocate to places not here for a few days of zen over Easter.  He always decides this two weeks before Easter, when sensible mortals make their bookings the previous year, and yet he always manages to find us somewhere to be still and listen.  This year it's here

which is Pottsville on the Northern NSW coast.  If you want to know exactly where, you can do one of two things. 
1.  Check it out on google earth.
2.  Wait till we leave then look up and when you've found the biggest, meanest, blackest clouds in the Southern Hemesphere, we'll be directly under them.  In this

because I refuse to drag the campertrailer over the border for three days, spend two days setting up and pulling down and the third day cooking 57 meals under canvas because any time we're within a sniff of the ocean, suddenly the Tribe of Three require feeding on a semi-hourly basis.  And plus, it's gonna rain pianos.  Guaranteed.  Rain on a tin roof, I'm a big fan.  Rain seeping through the tarps on the tent.  Not so much.  Stay tuned for the the rest of my 365's.  I hope.

1 comment:

amay225 said...

Sorry you were feeling bad. Hope you are feeling better after all your meds.

Your place away looks wonderful! Hope it doesn't rain too much on you guys.


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