Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Money Tree

I don't really consider myself a very mercenary individual, but lately my wish list has grown to really unmanageable size, so I've decided to prioritize my wishes according to
A) Likelihood of it ever happening
B) Likelihood of my husband agreeing to ever let it happen
C) Likelihood of yours truly having to kill someone in order for it to happen.

So, here we go....

Canon 5D DSLR Camera (C)
Lions head charm for my bracelet (A)
Weekend in Canberra with Tanya (C)
Dual Screens for my computer for photo editing (B)
More powerful computer so I can actually use my editing software without dimming the lights (B)
Bill Compton showing up on my doorstep with a big-ass diamond and plane tickets to Vermont. (sorry, having a TrueBlood moment)
Vampire Academy Series. (A)
Bruce taking Sebi to tennis at 7am tomorrow morning so I don't have to. (C) (Although, technically I would have to be the dead person in order for that to happen.)
One of the tribe agreeing to see the New Moon movie with me (A)
Possibility of them getting through it without any sarky comments about sparkling/lack of blood/chick flicks (C)

I think I need to work on this.....

1 comment:

Scrapsister said...

You didn't actually rank the Bill Compton comment...does this mean this has already happened? Are you coming back? If not can I move into HBC?


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