Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cosmic Karma/ Teenage Mutant Techno Migraine

I apologise in advance for any typos as I am touch typing with my eyes closed as I recover from yesterdays world beating headache, a gift from the Teenage Mutant. TM is the latest resident at Casa Hartwell, he has replaced my oldest child who has possibly been sucked into another dimension. Temporarily, I hope. Teenage Mutant is not my favourite person. He's surly and secretive, gives monosyllabic answers (or grunts), specialises in food consumption, production of dirty laundry and door slamming. He excells in eye rolling, shrugging and one word put-downs.
He is not pleasant company.
He is, in fact, migraine-inducing, due to the fact that he can argue both sides of nothing for hours rather than do anything productive such as homework or chores. After a marathon go-round yesterday, I ended up with a nurofen-proof headache and a strong desire to call child protective services.
"Hello, could you please send out someone to protect me from my child...I've taken two nurofen and plugged my ears and I can still hear him whining about how unfair everything is..."
Apart from a medically induced hangover, I have also been left with a strong desire to kiss my mothers feet and beg forgiveness for at least three years of my teenage existance.
Let's face it... I was not pleasant company either.
Methinks I feel the sting of Cosmic Karma biting my ass. Nurofen, anyone??


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

I feel your pain! I have one word 'valium', slip it in his food LOL or yours when you're desperate. Personall I just encourage unsocial behaviour i.e. staying in room with computer or TV for 3 years. It is possible he will emerge as a butterfly. But whatever you do, don't argue, you can't win! Good luck and hide in your scraproom!

Plant Freak said...

have the same bite mark from Karma. One of us might not survive the next few years. Cody is mind blowingly absurd, whiny, and surly. Let's run away to adult land together!


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