Monday, November 17, 2008

Storm Season

has hit with a vengeance....yesterday while we got rain and a bit of thunder at Mt Gravatt, friends of ours at The Gap lost their roof in the worst storm in over 20 years. They are foruntately OK, although their entire house is several inches deep in water. They had a beautiful native garden, where I spent many happy hours exploring as a child, which has been completely destroyed. They are nothing if not resilient, soon as they can hoist their caravan back onto it's blocks (HOW strong was the wind??) they're planning to live on site while their house is rebuilt. Not bad for a couple in their seventies!!


Damian (666) said...

I'm at Bray Park (northside) and it was the scariest storm I have ever been in, we are still cleaning up around the house here.

Great blog by the way, interesting and entertaining I will be a regular visitor from now on!

Rhubarb Whine said...

Scarborough here - and we are OK but the streets around me did not fare so well! Glad to read you are OK (I had to delurk to write this comment!)

Have not commented before as you don;t allow open ID comments, which means wordpress users cannot comment on your blog :( Please consider changing, I love to red here!


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