Saturday, November 29, 2008

Forward planning....

I've bought nothing, wrapped nothing and decorated nothing, but my Easter Holidays are under control. DH and I were discussing which way to head for the first of the two camping trips we do each year, (rather than do something constuctive like Christmas shopping) and we've decided to head north. We've made a tentative booking at Rainbow Beach for 6 days over Easter, and we're hoping to do all the fun stuff we did a few years back when we were last riding, feeding the dolphins, zen by the sea.....gotta love it. Unfortunately I have to survive Christmas first.
I love having the kids home and not having to be up at the crack of dawn every day, but the heat drives me mental....I turn into a hermit, hiding in the air conditioning and growling at anyone who makes me go outside. I'm seriously considering online grocery shopping this summer, that way I won't have to stick my nose out the door until March. Works for me!!

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