Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Night

and we are revving up for a new school term.  Which none of us want, and which we have no choice in, unfortunately.  Blech.  So I have been doing the housewifely/motherly thing and have been ironing uniforms and making muffins, when what I really want to do is stick a child under each arm and run away somewhere green and quiet where the only form of outside communication is a carrier pigeon.  Although I probably couldn't stick a kid under each arm now since one is nearly six feet and one is nearly taller than me, so the logistics are pretty dodgy on the whole idea.  And they probably wouldn't agree to come with me if there wasn't high speed broadband.  So it's gonna be school.  Second Son and I worked out that there's only about 12 actual weeks of school left for the year, discounting holidays, school camps and end-of-the-year-crap that doesn't have anything to do with learning.  Can't come soon enough for me.

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