Monday, July 2, 2012

Remember me?

I used to blog here....before my life got in the way, once again.  Things have been a little bit all kinds of frantic in the past month, we've had school stuff, teenage stuff, work stuff and just general "other stuff" all of which has kept me flat out during the day and up at night, and not in a mood for writing. Anything. BUT, we are putting the bad behind us, and embracing the good, which has included school holidays, where Firstborn, Second Son and myself get to sleep in while FF goes to work and supports us. Love that man.
This weekend we are here

dressed in our medieval finest, to eat drink and be merry.  FF and Firstborn are going for the jousting, Second Son for the archery, and yours truly is planning on a front row pew for the Turkish Oil Wrestling.  Nothing like a well marinated buff bod to rock a fair maid's medieval world. Oh yeah!!

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