Monday, February 13, 2012

Secret identities verses real life deflection.

I went to my volunteer interview at the Mater, and they told me that they thought I would be suited to dealing with the book trolley. I think the Kindle glued to my hand kinda gave away my bibliophilic addiction issues. Which I'm all good with.....except for the socialising part of the deal. It's not something I do easily. Or that I even LIKE doing that much. As a general rule, people over the age of 10 make me uncomfortable. They're generally taller than me, most of them are smarter, and they all know what they're doing. Except for me. So the book trolley/say hi how are you to random sick people thing was starting to weigh heavily on what's left of my mind after two weeks of state goverment education UNTIL....... I had a brainwave. I decided to use the Ladypop protocol (sounds very Big Bang, no?) and apply it to the trolley deal. On the crossing, people don't see me. They see what I'm wearing...which is usually a little bit sideways of conservative, and while they're trying to work out why I'm wearing pajamas and a pilot's helmet (because they ROCK), I can deal with them in a perfectly normal, polite way without getting all tangled up in social protocols that I have never understood. It's like reverse camoflage.....the clothes speak for me, and I get to hide behind them and stay in my happy place. So I decided to design myself a TrolleyWench uniform. FF thinks a better name would be"BookSl*t" but that's because he's a disgusting cavemen. ANYWAY. I found some Dr Seuss (my fave books ever) material, and the mother of all mothers is gonna make me some Cat in The Hat pants and a waistcoat, for my trolleywenching duties. And possibly a tail. And I found these
on Ebay, which I would seriously committ murder to possess.   So things are looking pretty positive. 
From where I stand, anyway.

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