Sunday, February 5, 2012

Catching up.....

So, February.

So far....
Firstborn and FF had a minor NDE in the Rago on Thursday night, resulting in two stuffed rims and several hundred dollars worth of repairs.  Fortunately, no one else was involved, or even near.  But, it has reinforced my opinion that I am nobody's L plate passenger.

I signed up to volunteer at the Mater, had my first interview, go back for my next one on Friday.  I had to put my preferences down as to where I'd prefer to be placed, I'm not really bothereed where they put me, except NOT anywhere that requires any sort of filing, because I suck at it.  So, we wait and see.  On the down side, they have to run a blood screen to make sure all your immunizations are up to date, and I just know I'm gonna need top ups in everything.  Pincushion city, here I come.  Blech.

If the cats get any bigger, I'll be able to harness them and buy a sulky.  Pony-cats!!  Love it!!

I have FINALLY gotten up to date with my 365 photos, cos my puter is up and running at last!!  Bliss!!

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