Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Mayhem

It's Monday again and the week is off to a flying start. Kit was up at the crack of dawn (and it was thundered ALL NIGHT) getting ready for year 7 camp at Harry's Hut, he's been looking forward to it all year so I hope they don't get too much rain. He'll be back on Friday afternoon. Sebi came out of school this afternoon and announced that he is receiving his "Silver Award" on Assembly tomorrow, so I have swapped shifts on the crossing so that I can be there to see the presentation. Now all I have to do is re assemble my scrap room after pulling it apart for retreat, and things will be pretty much back to normal...or as normal as things ever get around here. We have Joey Camp for Sebi this weekend, plus doctors, dentists, school excursions and high school visits all in the same week.
I really need a clone so I can be in two places at once. Have to go, Sebi has enlisted my help in defending Minas Tirith from the invading Orcs. Such is life...

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