Tuesday, September 18, 2012


that I shall be a better blogger from now on.  Looking back over the year to date just shows you how totally preoccupied I have been with everything in the universe except my poor neglected blog.  And I should keep up with it, since sometimes the only way I know what the hell is going on here is to read back a few weeks.  So, based on that principle, I've been living the high life under a large rock somewhere in the far outer reaches of Planet Mongo. 
Which I totally HAVEN'T.  I've actually been crazy busy chasing my tail and trying to re-order the universe in 15 minutes a day.  And, yeah....it's going pretty much how you'd expect, really.
SO....here it is.


is in exam mode
has 40+ hours on his learners log book
wants to pick out a suit for Formal over the school holidays (!!!)
works most weekends
is on track for his 7th grade piano exam sometime next year
has decided to study veterinary nursing after finishing senior next year.
is STILL growing

Second Son:

is now homeschooling as well as transitioning to Cav Road for the start of year 8 next year.
is seriously kicking ass at drumming, and hoping to join the drumline program at Cav.
has grown two inches in two months.


finally built me my long awaited cat garden.
managed to find "the man from atlantis" so I could force the kids to watch it
found a new job but stayed with the old one 'cos they upped the ante (considerably)
dressed as a Fairy Penguin for the school trivia night, and totally rocked it!!

Yours Truly:

is still hanging on
spends much time growing small things in pots and protecting them from large things with fur.
wants an Ipad (just in case ff is reading) and another ragdoll (a seal point boy, please)


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